Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today was a very important day for my hubs.  He is the GM of a local cemetary.  He designed and had made a Veterans Memorial.  He is so proud of it and we are so proud of him.  He joined forces with the American Legion to have a dedication for the memorial, which was sheduled today. 

The weather didn't seem to want to cooperate with us, but God is always in control.  It never rained and no one was struck by lightening.  The funnel cloud that was reported was over 10 miles away from us, so we were doing pretty good.  In fact, it was like the sun was right over us, shining down on us during the ceremony with huge dark blue clouds lingering in the background.  It really made for some pretty pictures.  The fact that the wind was blowing, made it even better because we were all pretty sweaty out there. 

Here are a few pictures that I took during the ceremony.

Kinsley thought this guy was pretty interesting.  She must like Navy men....LOL.

Katie asked what the headstones were for.  She said, "Are they to keep them in the ground? Is God in there?"  She was pretty fascinated by it all.

I love this picture.  Kinsley's allergies have been acting up again. 
She was sneezing and coughing the entire time.

The Color Guard with the big bad storm in front of them.
They actually did the Three-Volley Salute.  Scared me and the girls half to death.  I didn't even think they'd really shoot the guns, but they did.  Kinsley started screaming.  It was a little comical.
This fine man played Taps.  It was awesome.

Eben being presented the United States flag.  He was so proud and we're so proud of him.

Old Glory flying in the breeze.
Eben being interviewed by Fox 4 News. 

After spending some time with Daddy after the dedication, we left before the weather got worse.  One of our Bucket List items includes eating at Rao's Bakery for lunch and a dessert.  That will never happen again.  I almost fell over when I received my bill.  We spent $30 on 3 chicken salad sandwiches that included chips, 1 chocolate milk, 1 bottle of water, and one small fruit bowl.

Katie has got to make a silly face everytime I pick up the camera.
We sat near the water fountain and they made a wish with nickels.  I didn't have any pennies.  Did you know that Canada has stopped the production of their pennies?  They cost more to make than they are worth.
I'm loving this picture.  I may have to frame this one.
After we let our food go down, we each picked out a dessert.  Didn't I mention earlier that my diet had been thrown out the window the day before?  Well, it carried over into today.
Katie likes anything chocolate.

Kinsley likes anything strawberry. 
Neither of them finished anything they ate, so they are having Rao's leftovers for dinner tonight. 
I truly can't eat anything else, especially since I topped off lunch with:

a fruit tart!

This was them picking out what they wanted.  Doesn't this look like a dream????

They have life size statues of the Blues Brothers in the cafe.  They both wanted to go over to see them.  As they got closer, they got scared to get near them.  I was cracking up.  They were both waiting for them to move.  We decided that we would sacrifice Bear (the little pink thing on his leg is Bear). 
Once Bear made it out alive, both girls decided that it was safe to stand near them.  I quickly got a picture and we were out of there.

Now we're home and they are eating apples.  Don't eat the expenisve lunch and dessert momma splurged on you, but eat an apple instead.  I guess the dentist would appreciate that.


  1. Wow!! That is so cool that your husband did that! Glad the weather held out for you guys! Those desserts look amazing!!

  2. Such a nice thing--and great pics! As for the dessert, it looks like an EVENT--an event that I would like to attend...
    Did I mention that you have the most gorgeous girls? 'Cause you do. And I know you live in (on the continent of) Texas, but are you Canadian? Just curious--or nosy!

  3. Nika,
    No, we're not Canadian. If you're wondering that because of the little piece of info I gave about Candian pennies, I only know that because they were talking about it on the radio station I listen to. They are always giving us useless pieces of information that has nothing to do with us...LOL.
    Thanks for thinking my girls are gorgeous. They get it from me...LOL. JK. I think they're pretty gorgeous myself.