Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Long Wednesday

What a day we had yesterday.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of our busy, busy day. 

We started off the morning being a little lazy, or atleast the girls did.  I spent the morning making appointments that I need to get out of the way since I have time in the summer.  I have a check-up Friday, eye exam on Wednesday, and I think I'm going to push my appointmet for the girlie doctor to July...I'm supposed to go Thursday, but I really don't look forward to those visits unless I'm pregnant. 

Then it was time to get dressed for our dentist appointment. Our appointment was at 1:00 and we had a 20 minute drive to get there.  I needed to make a few more stops along the way, so we left at 11:15.  We made it to the dentist at 12:30.  We had to sit and wait because everyone was at lunch.  There's not a whole lot of places to hang out in the town that our dentist is in, except Wal-Mart, so we just decided to wait at the dentist's office. 

The staff was so incredibly friendly and they were so good with my two girls.  The girls did a great job.  They were so well behaved and we even received a compliment from the girl that was cleaning my teeth.  She was very impressed and so was I. 

After the dentist appointment we met my mom for lunch at Chili's.  My diet went out the window yet again, although I did eat a salad, just not a very healty one and I sipped on a mango margarita (wasn't very tasty).  Afterward, we came home and piled up in Katie's bed to watch a Leap Frog movie.  Then Daddy came home and asked the girls to go to the grocery store for some eggs and bread.  They jumped up and ran off with him, which gave me some time to pick up the house. 

Guess what Daddy gets good little girls that have awesome reports from the dentist.  Powdered doughnuts.  Yep...let's just ruin those clean teeth a little, right?  Katie decided to make a mess of it.  What does a 5 year old do with powered doughnuts?  She rubs it all over her face.
When I went to clean up the mess, I found my little Kinsley asleep on the chair...LOL.

What happens to a 2 year old when she falls asleep at 6:30?  She is awake at 5:30 in the morning.  UGH!  Not a happy momma.  I stayed up until 12:30 trying to finish my GT training that I'm working on to be certified as a GT teacher.  I sooooo didn't get enough sleep last night and my little angel was wide awake at 5:30 this morning.  That just shows me that we had an exciting fun-filled day at the dentist.