Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grilled Salmon Salad

I'm on a blogging roll this morning.  Sorry, but I had to share this yummy recipe.  I made salmon last night.  It was perfection.  I've made it before, in the oven and using a George Foreman grill, but it never was very tasty.  This was AMAZING!  It tasted as if it had been drenched in butter.  YUMMO!

Doesn't that just look so delish???  Here's what I did:

I seasoned a 5 oz wild salmon steak with salt and pepper and placed it on my Sanyo Indoor Grill.  I purached this for myself from the Paula Deen Store for Christmas.  I'm scared to use outdoor grills. 
No idea why.

As the steaks were grilling away, I put a handful of baby greens on a plate.  I then cut up a cucumber, yellow and red bell pepper, and a tomato and placed them all on top of the greens.  I mixed olive oil and vinegar together and drizzled it over the top of the salad.
I grilled the salmon on each side for a little over 6 minutes each.  I even grilled the sides of them for about a minute each.  After they were flaky, I plopped one down on top of the salad.

Wow!  PERFECTION!  It was amazing.  Even Kinsley was amazed by it.  She was like a little bird with her mouth open the entire time I was eating.  I didn't make the girls one, because 1) Salmon is expensive, 2) I didn't think they'd like it.  But she proved me wrong.

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