Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our First Bucket List Activity

We started our Summer Bucket List yesterday (Monday).  I do have to say that I have the most impatient child ever born.  As soon as she woke up, she wanted to pull something from the bucket.  I let her, but warned her that it wouldn't be until this afternoon because we had chores to do first.  I always try to wait until after lunch so that I can get some things done.  She drove me CRAZY!  All morning long, "Is it lunchtime yet?  When are we going to do our bucket list activity?  Is it lunchtime yet?"  I was tempted to tell her to forget about it, but I knew that she was just super excited.

Our first bucket list activity was waterballoons!  I blew up 8 of them and we ended up with only 2!  As I blew them up, I would put them in a plastic basket that had holes in it.  The waterballoons were so thin, that when I put them in the bucket, they would pop because of the grass sticking through the bottom.  We finally picked up the basket and brought it to the backyard to throw them, but as soon as I put the basket down, all but 2 popped.  I let them throw those two, but they wanted more.  It took like 15 minutes just to blow up the ones I had blown up, and I was ready to get in the pool.  The heat index was well over 100 and I was ready for the coolness of the pool.

Look at Kinsley's face!  Hahaha.  Cracks me up.

Katie is scared to death of loud noises.  She thought it was going to make a sound like a regular balloon popping.  Kinsley was laughing so hard at her.

Before we got in the pool, they were playing dress up.  Kinsley thinks that putting her fingers in her mouth and saying cheese is a good pose.  She did this in all of them. 

Katie in all of her cuteness.

Well, it's going to be another hot summer day here in Southeast Texas.  I'm so sore from working out yesterday, that I think we'll be having a lazy day today.  Who knows.  We'll see what our bucket list has in store for us today.

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