Monday, June 4, 2012

First Day of Summer Vacation

Today is the first official day of our summer vacation.  Woohoo!!! 

I have been so extremely busy during the month of May getting ready for the last day of school.  Very stressful! 

Katie's last day of kindergarten was AMAZING!  They had a class party where they performed a few songs and were presented with certificates of completion.  She came home with a ton of gifts.  She had a great day!

It's finally over though.  I'm getting to sit back and relax a little.  Guess what happens when I do that.  I get a head cold.  Happens during every break from school...Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and summer.  Never fails. 

I spent this past weekend doing a whole lot of nothing.  Grammy took my girls Saturday so that I could have a little momma time.  They had so much fun!!!

They went to the park where they got to spend some time with Nonnie and their newest cousin, Britton.  Kinsley had a little mishap during their trip to the park.   She took a little trip to the ground...on her face.

She's fine, but Grammy was a little freaked out by it. 

Katie at the park.
Kinsley telling Sarge what kind of icecream she wants.

I have spent the last 3 days being absolutely lazy.  I would really like to get up and get going, but this head cold is making me tired and a little cranky.  I would love to spend the next day or two sleeping, but we all know that when we have kids under the age of 12 that is impossible.  So, I'm up...barely.  Took some medicine and am trying desperately to breathe through my nose.
About to make my little munchkins some lunch and then we'll go swimming.

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