Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Summer Bucket List

Our Summer Bucket List has been updated and is ready to go!  I added so many more things for us to choose from.  Thank you PINTEREST!  There are 2 separate buckets for activities.  One bucket has things that we must plan for.  We'll be choosing those on Sundays and Thursdays.  When planning, I must clarify, means that if we have to take a shower and actually get dressed...that's what I mean by planning...hehehe!  Here's the list, broken down into No Planning Required and Planning Required.

No Planning Required:
1.  Movie Picnic (rent a family movie, spread out a blanket, and eat dinner together watching a movie while eating)
2.  Have a teaparty (I'm going to purchase a special teaparty set)
3.  Play ABC hide and seek
4.  Slip and Slide (I've got to purchase one)
5.  Play balloon tennis
6.  Nighttime swimming
7.  Blacklight dinner party
8.  Icecream treat in PJs (after bathtime, we'll go to Marble Slab for a treat)
9.  Write a letter and mail it
10.  Have a scavenger hunt
11.  Go through the carwash
12.  Make smores
13.  Play in the rain
14.  Make leaf rubbings
15.  Paint with pudding
16.  Have a PJ day
17.  Make rice crispy treats
18.  Play flashlight games
19.  Play in the sprinklers
20.  Blow GIGANTIC bubbles
21.  Invite a friend over
22.  Fingerpaint
23.  Bake cupcakes
24.  Get snocones
25.  Make ice cream in a bag
26.  Make ice cream in a can
27.  Paint by Number
28.  Movie Night
29.  Take an alphabet tour and make an ABC book
30.  Take a nature walk and take pictures as we go.  Make a nature walk book.
31.  Balloons and Noodles
32.  Ding Dong Ditch a neighbor
33.  Make stepping stones
34.  Paint small figurines
35.  Shaving cream painting
36.  Build a fort
37.  Make a bird feeder
38.  Make fairies in a jar
39.  Go consignment toy shopping
40.  Paper plate hop - don't touch the floor
41.  Play dress up and have a fashion show
42.  Make tie-dyed shirts
43.  Water gun wars
44.  Bathe with glo-sticks
45.  Make homemade pizzas
46.  Board Game Day
47.  Balloon Ninjas
48.  Make homemade playdough
49.  Sidewalk chalk fun
50.  Have a waterballoon fight
51.  Make a magnetic puzzle and put it together on the refrigerator
52. Night walk with flashlights
53.  Playdoh creations
54.  Wash the car
55.  Have a slumber party

Planning Required:
1.  Plant flowers or herbs and paint flower pots
2.  Get manis and pedis
3.  Rao's Bakery for lunch and dessert
4.  Go to Build-A-Bear Workshop
5.  Do service for someone
6.  Go bowling
7.  Go to the Splash Park
8.  Go to the movies
9.  Feed the ducks at the park
10.  Visit the library
11.  Backyard camping (need to purchase a small tent)
12.  Go to La Maison Des Acadiens and the Windmill
13.  Go to Spindletop-Gladys City
14.  Go to Art Museum of Southeast Texas
15.  Go to the Museum  of the Gulf Coast
16.  Go to La Maison Beau Soleil
17.  Go to the Children's Museum (Lake Charles or Houston)
18.  Go to Farmer's Market
19.  Go to the arcade in the mall
20.  Take pictures in the photo booth at the mall
21.  Go fishing
22.  Go to Fun City Family Entertainment Center
23.  Go to Chuck E. Cheese
24.  Go to the zoo
25.  Go to the city pool
26.  Go to Elise's Playhouse
27.  Go on a picnic
28.  Make dinner for a neighbor
29.  Eat lunch with daddy
30.  Random Act of Kindness
31.  Go to Colorado Canyon for minature golf
32.  Go to an indoor playground
33.  Go to 3rd Thursday on Boston Ave.
34.  Go to Shangri La Botanical Gardens
35.  Take a Neches River Adventure
36.  Go to Gator Country
37.  Go to First Friday in Groves
38.  Go to Bounce Zone
39.  Go to the beach
40.  Go to the Strand in Galveston
41.  Go to the Aquarium in Houston
42.  Go to Schlitterbahn in Galveston
43.  Go to Moody Gardens
44.  Go to Boomtown USA in Vidor
45.  Go to Tugboat Island at the park
46.  Go to Kemah
47.  Go to Paradise Water Park in Lumberton/Silsbee
48.  Rent the cabin at Village Creek State Park
49.  Go to the Sea Center Texas

As we complete an activity, I will be blogging about them and will cross them off the list.  I can't wait to get started.  I hope that my hubby is willing to do some of this stuff with us, but he works Monday - Saturday.  I may have to find someone else to go with us when we take long excursions.  I can't wait to get started!

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  1. What a fun list of activities!!! I love that you have everything planned out and the buckets are super cute!