Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keeping an Eye on Tropical Storm Debby

Our beach vacation, that we planned in March, may be interrupted by Debby.  UGH!!!  We are staying at a beautiful cabin at Crystal Beach for a week.  We're heading up there tomorrow morning and weren't supposed to come back until next Sunday.  Looks like things may change.
The beautiful beach cabin that I've been dreaming about for nearly 3 1/2 months.

If you look closely at the Southeast portion of Texas.  I put a black circle around where we live.  I put a red semi-circle around Galveston, which is where we're going on vacation. 
Debby is sitting near Florida right now.

This is the projected path of Debby. 

I've lived through 3 hurricanes.  I was 25 when I experiened my first.  Rita hit us in 2005 and caused serious damage.  We evacuated to Dallas and stayed for quiet some time.  When we did return, we had no electricity for over a week and the temperature was well near 100.  Toward the last day without electricity, we had our first cool front come was my sister, Brenna's birthday.
 I was living with my dad at the time and our house flooded.  He lived in his garage for a year while his house was being renovated.  I moved in with Eben because my grandparents had to move in with my mom. 

Hurricane Rita - Category 5

In 2007, we had a sneak attack by Hurricane Humberto.  The meteorologists had no idea what this storm was going to do.  It was a tropical depression heading for the mid-southern region of the Texas coast.  Well, over night it turned into a hurricane and came in right on top of us.  I was traumatized by it.  I slept in the hallway, pretty much on top of Katie, and I kept my tennis shoes on just in case.  I was a wreck the entire night.  I did however get to experience the eye of the storm, which was pretty awesome, until the other side of the storm came through. We could hear tree limbs ripping off the trees and it sounded as if hundred tornadoes were all around us.  Experiencing that in the dark with no electricity is horrifying.  Thank goodness there was no significant damage.  Just a lot of downed trees and no electricity for a few days.

Hurricane Humberto - Category 1

In 2008, we were hit by Hurricane Ike.  My mom's house had 3 1/2 to 4 feet of water in it.  My childhood home had to be demolished.  The apartment I was living in at the time had the roof ripped off of it.  I had just purchased new furniture a month before and it all had to be replaced.

Hurricane Ike - Category 4

To think that I'm going to have to sit through 80 mile an hour winds freaks me out, to say the least.  I'm already starting to panic and the fact that we'll only get 2 days out of our vacation kind of makes me sick.  We NEVER get storms this early in the season.  We usually start preparing for them in late August and stay on the watch until the middle of October.

Ugh!  I'm so depressed!!!!

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  1. I am not sure if you talked to the people are are renting from but you probably should. My parents own some condos in SC.. if they rent it out and the people have to leave they give them their money back or only have them pay the amount of their trip.. i.e. if they were only there for 2 days they pay 2/7ths of the cost for the week. I hope you guys get to go!