Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MIA Post - December 2012 Part 3

We didn't stay very late at Maw Maw's house for Christmas.  We had to get home and in bed so that Santa would stop and bring us goodies.
I caught Santa as he was setting out all of the toys.

I love this part!!!

Santa wanted us to know that he supports our "Boys" too.

Wake up sleepy heads!

Wow!  What a happy mess.

After we open our gifts on Christmas morning, we load up in the car and head over to my mom's.  All of us eat breakfast together and we open gifts.
My hubby ran across this in October.  It was the perfect gag gift.  We were all crying from laughing so hard.  The best gag gift EVER!!!

Opening gifts from Maw Maw.

New Year's Eve got here quickly.  We did the same thing we do every year.  Made lots of food, had lots to drink, and popped lots of fireworks.  Well, we tried to do the last two, but I don't drink much, and it rained all night.  We popped fireworks during the brief periods that it wasn't raining.

Baby it's cold outside...not really.

She made it to 10:30.

I took no more pictures that evening.  Amy and I played with Ava and Lily while my girls slept.  We did make it to midnight, but barely. The house was cleaned up and we were in bed at 12:45.  We're getting too old to party this hard.

Happy New Year!  Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for my family. 
It's going to be a spectacular year.

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