Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MIA Post - December 2012 Part 2

We ended our very eventful weekend with Katie's very first Nutcracker experience.  We dressed up in our finest clothes and went to the ballet.

I have been waiting for 6 years to bring Katie to see the Nutcracker.  She wasn't too thrilled about it.  I even got her a gift to open in the car on our way to see it.  It was The Nutcracker book.

I bought her a Nutcracker.  We're going to get a new one every year.  I got Kinsley a small Nutcracker snowglobe even thought she didn't get to go with us.

We ended up leaving early.  She was STARVING. 
We stopped by Spoon It on our way home for some yogurt.

That same week we attended the Lighted Christmas Parade.  We rode on our dance studio's float.  We threw candy and people watched.

Daddy and Kinsley came by to wish us much fun.  Isn't he handsome?

That following weekend my little sister graduated from college.  She's the newest teacher in the family.
We had a party for her that evening.  My other sister, Tasha, was in from Oklahoma.

Since she wasn't going to be in for Christmas, she let the girls open their Christmas gifts.

We left the party early to stop by Journey's birthday party.  Her original party date had to be cancelled because they all had the flu.

She looks like a Disney princess with those big eyes and perfect lips.

The week before we got out for Christmas break, Katie started getting sick.  She was running a fever and complaining of her ear hurting.  One day after school, I had a faculty meeting to attend.  Katie was in my room.  The meeting last approximately 45 minutes.  When I returned to my room, I called Katie's name and she didn't answer.  I scanned the room quickly, but didn't see her.  I checked the bathrooms, the gym, and the Pre-K and Kindergarten halls.  No one had seen her.  I walk back to my room with a group of other teachers to see if we had possibly crossed paths and she had headed back.  When I got in there, I looked over at my reading center and there she was...passed out on the bean bag chairs.  Poor baby!  She felt horrible.  She ended up having a really bad ear infection.

The weekend before Christmas we had our Brode Family Christmas at my dad's house.  Tasha and Josh Skyped with us from Oklahoma and we all opened presents together. 

Our family picture.

We've had a baby boom in our family the past couple of years.  We're missing 5...they got there late, and there was no way we were going to attemp this again.  Trying to get the two little ones in the front to stay put was like pulling teeth.  It was actually hilarious.

We needed some Ritalin!

My sweet baby.

My mom's family.

Journey's tongue is always out, so we thought we'd join her.

Me and my love.  Goodness, he's hot!

We lost a special person a couple of days before Christmas.  My Paw Paw Matte passed away.  Maw Maw Matte came to our family Christmas party. My heart was hurting for her.  They had been married for 60 something years.  His funeral had to be held after Christmas.  RIP Pop.  We'll miss you.

Kinsley and MiMaw.

Cousins and BFFs.

Cousins and BFFs.

My little diva.

See Part 3 for more.

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