Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MIA Post - August 2012

I love August.  After being off of work for 2 months and staying busy, I'm ready for the structure that school brings.  I love when all of the school supplies start to make their appearance and buying school clothes, etc.  So much fun!  Here's what August looked like for us:

Since the girls' birthdays are exactly 1 month apart and Katie's birthday usually falls on the first day or few days before/after school starts, I decided to make it easier on myself this year.  We had a joint birthday party at Colorado Canyon.  It's a Putt-Putt place, but we chose to do the Build-A-Critter birthday instead.  It's way too hot to do anything outside in August.  I have to remember if/when I ever have another child, to have it in the winter or spring.
Katie got her first "big" haircut in August too. Her hair is so thick and it gets tangled so easily.  I thought this would be our saving grace. I was wrong.  Trying to get her hair out of her face is now much harder.  Never again will I cut it that short.

We had to say goodbye to our little fuzzy friends.  They were just too hard to keep up with.  Plus, the girls are just too young for them.  I was sad, but we had to let them go.  We gave them to a friend of ours son that is old enough to care for them.

My oldest BFF had a birthday party for her little girl.  Her GiGi owns a photography studio and we played dress up and had their pictures taken.  Katie wasn't too into it.

For Katie's 6th birthday we went out to eat and we went bowling.

Katie's first day of 1st grade.

Katie eating breakfast in my room on our first day of school.

My birthday is on the 28th and my sister gave me the best present ever.  Little Miss Ava Rose was born on my birthday.  I hated that I couldn't be there for her arrival, but it's hard to miss school so soon after it starts.

That was August in a nut shell. 
I spent most of the month at school getting ready for my new batch of students. 

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