Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MIA Post - December 2012

Woohoo!  December finally made it.  I L-O-V-E December.  I love everything about it.  It finally starts getting a little colder here in December, unfortunately for us, it didn't get cold that much.  One day it would be in the 70s and the next in the 40s. 
My living room looks so cozy!  I love Christmas decor.

Getting the presents wrapped and under the tree.

I've always wanted an Advent calendar.  I finally got one.  Not the colors I would have wanted, but it's the theme I wanted and all of the pieces are magnetic.  The girls would constantly take all of the pieces out.  Gonna have to find a better place for it next year.

No mischief going on here.  Just praising the reason for the season.

Lying in bed watching Christmas movies.

We had a bad thunderstorm roll through bringing some colder weather.  The thunder scared Kinsley half to death.  When I turned the corner, she was hanging on to the wall.  Of course I had to break out the camera.

Michael Jackson turned the milk blue.

Katie doing her homework.

Cousins' Night was the 2nd weekend in December. We had so much planned for them to do. In fact, we had too much planned for them to do. Next year, we plan on doing less. Less is good.
Ava's first Cousins' Night.

Abby's birthday was that week.  We got her a gift.

The kids were playing Just Dance 4 while my mom and I took pictures of eachother.

Of course I had to get it on the action.

The first time in 7 years that my mom and stepdad and my grandparents came.  The men fried fish and anything else that could fit in the fryer.

We went to the Live Nativity at one of the local churches.  Perfect weather for it.

After the show, you can go in and pet all of the animals.  This camel's face cracks me up.

We had a special visitor stop by when we got home from the Nativity.  I think someone should have told Santa that his fluffy things are supposed to be at the top by his knees and not to wear black socks over his boots...it looks corny.  Katie said, "Momma, it's Daddy."  I said, "How do you know that?"  She replied, "Because he's wearing his yellow bracelet."  I then had to kick Santa.  I told Katie that a lot of people wear that bracelet.  Daddy's not the only one.

It was then time to put on our night clothes.  These two remind me of me and Brenna.

I'm going to have to get a bigger couch.  We had to take our Cousins' Night picture before we played any games.

We played Minute-to-Win-It Games.
They had to shake their booties to get the balls out of the Kleenex boxes.  They had one minute.  After the minute was up, the one with the fewest balls was declared the winner.  Breanna was the winner.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Game
We put a dab of vaseline on their noses.  They had to swing the pompom to make it land on their nose.  Breanna won again.

This game was a little more difficult for the little ones.  They had to shake the boxes to determine how many bells were inside.  They were then supposed to put them in order from the least amount of bells to the greatest.  Lindsey won!

This was everyone's favorite game.  They had to use only their face to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth.  It was hilarious.

Of course the momma's had to get involved.  I couldn't stop laughing.

This was funny too.  They had to draw what I told them.  A fireplace, stockings on the fireplace, a tree, a star on top of the tree, etc.  Lindsey won!

Boys will be boys.  He drew 1/2 a mustache on his face with a Sharpie.  Being the naughty aunt that I am, I drew the other half....hehehehe.  Sharpie marks come off by using baby wipes.

We had got to play too.

Cousins' Night lasts well into the night or until everyone starts passing out.  Next year we won't be playing the games.  We always have a dance party on Cousins' Night and we didn't get to do it this year.  I felt like I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything ready and/or cleaning up messes.  Next year, I will relax and enjoy watching all of my babies play together.

See Part 2 for the rest of December.

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