Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MIA Post - September 2012

September is usually a little busy because we're trying to get back into the swing of things and dance starts.  This was Katie's first year in jazz and she couldn't wait.  She's now in ballet, jazz, and tap.  This is Kinsley's first year in dance.  She's in baby ballet.  She couldn't wait to wear her tutu.
Katie's first day of dance.  We had to bring Kinsley to the ENT to have her hearing tested to make sure that her hearing isn't causing her articulation problems.  Daddy had to come and get Katie.  I hated that I couldn't bring her to her first dance class of the season, but we had to do this for Kinsley.

She was such a big girl.  Her hearing is fine!

Kinsley's first day of baby ballet.  Isn't she the cutest baby ballerina ever?

Since Katie and I have lunch at the same time this year, we have decided to make a new tradition of eating lunch together every Friday.  She really enjoys it.

Katie made me this.  I am proudly displaying it in my room.

Katie and her friends showing their school spirit.  It's fun having teacher kids the same age as your own.  Keeps her busy while I'm finishing things up after school.

When school starts, so do the fundraisers.  We made a trip over to my sister's house to hit her up for our fundraiser.  I love this picture.  It amazes me how much Katie looks like her Nonnie.

Grammy happened to be at Nonnie's house too.  We killed two birds with one stone.  She got to spend time with all three of her granddaughters.

We then hit up my other sister, Amy.  The girls got to meet Miss Ava for the first time.

That's September in a nutshell.

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