Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kinsley's Room is CLEAN!!!!

I finally cleaned Kinsley's room.  Her door has been shut since Monday.  I just didn't know where to start. 

She has been sleeping with me, which never happens.  I finally decided that it was time to just tackle it.  It took me approximately an hour and half to pick up and clean it.

Her room is so stinkin' cute when you can walk in it.

Of course someone had to come in and supervise while I was cleaning.

When I finished she yelled, "It clean!  It clean!"  She was so thrilled.

When I was finished cleaning, I did what I said I wouldn't do.  I took out all of the winter clothes and 24 month clothing.  I think it's time that we go shopping!

1 comment:

  1. Aweh! What a cute little girl you have! I miss those little girl is 15 now! You did a bang-up job on her room! It looks fantastic! Angie xo