Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

I'm a teacher.  The school district I teach at is 35 - 45 minutes away depending on traffic and lights.  We had a huge storm come through yesterday and last night that dropped anywhere from 4 - 15 inches of rain.  The county I live in had up to 8 inches and the county I teach in had up to 15 inches.  On my way home yesterday, I was having mild panic attacks because waves were being made on the road.  At one point, I had to drive in the middle of the street because the water was so high.  I was panicking.

Just got out of the shower to start getting ready for work, and my phone rings.  We have a 2 hour delay.  Looks like I have some time to work on lesson plans.


  1. Yikes! So glad you made it home okay! yay for a delay!

    1. That sounds so scary- almost like our snowstorms up here in New England! Following you right back- thanks for your awesome comment :) Holly @ Pink Lady