Saturday, July 12, 2014

22 Days To A Clean and Organized Home

I started my maternity leave on April 18th.  Had my baby on April 22nd, and summer break started for us on June 7th.  The last day of my maternity leave was June 6th.  I planned it perfectly.  All summer, so far, my house has been a disaster due to spending so much time with my new little one.  My other two have been running a muck without much focus on cleaning up after themselves.  We've had a few days here and there where the house is clean, but it is quickly destroyed again within a day due to us not following any type of schedule.  

On top of all of this, I've been preparing the girls for school by purchasing school clothes.  I've bought a lot through a local bidding site on Facebook.  I've purchased so many next size up clothes through there that now our home has 2 sizes for each girl X two.  Ugh!  Talk about overload.  

In 22 days I'll be returning to work to begin preparing my classroom for my new batch of kiddos.  I spend all of August getting ready for school, so I want my home to be ready for me to get back to it.  During the school year, all of our focus is totally on school.  We have a few weekend days that I spend cleaning out and decluttering, but it's few and far between.  

I'm going to be blogging about my 22 day challenge as I prepare my home for the return of school on August 25th.  Each day will be focused on one room or one item that I need to take care of.  Pictures will be included.  

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