Saturday, July 12, 2014

22 Day Challenge - Day 1 Girls' Room

I have to tackle the girls' room first because they have so much stuff coming in and out all of the time.  I've got to get this room under control.  I wish, more than anything, that they could each have their own rooms, but that just isn't happening here with 5 people in the house.  Luke has his own room, but that's because I don't want him waking them by sharing with one of the girls and vice versa.  

Here's the LIST:
1.  Pick up 
2.  Go through closet

  • have girls try on all clothes to weed out the smaller items
  • remove items that are too small
  • try on all shoes
  • remove shoes that are too small
  • organize top of closet
  • organize blankets and sheets
3.  Strip sheets off of mattresses
4.  Clean mattresses
5.  Wash pillows
6.  Go through drawers
7.  Weed out any clothes that are too small
8.  Go through books and weed out
9.  Change out all pictures in frames
10.  Move hanging stuff over correct beds
11.  Clean window sills
12.  Clean baseboards
13.  Clean ceiling
14.  Clean walls
16.  Dust every surface and knick-knack
17.  Windex all glass surfaces and mirrors
18.  Make a list of items needed for their room
19.  Clean carpet
20.  Vacuum
21.  Lysol everything
22.  Febreeze

Update:  I've been going through everything all day.  This may take me two days.  Plus, the girls are playing in there as I'm going through everything.  I'll have to do it real early in the morning when they are asleep (they often end up in our bed).  I've gotten all of the clothes cleaned out.  Now I just have to figure out where to store it all until I can get a few boxes to put away Katie's clothes in order for Kinsley to have them in the future.  I'm selling all of Kinsley's clothes at a local consignment shop or at the bidding site that I participate with.  I now have to go and clean the kitchen before my dear husband gets home.  I hate when he comes home to the 3 main rooms being a mess.  Luke is asleep and I just hope he stays that way until I'm done.

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