Monday, December 30, 2013

End of 2013 - Part 4

September 2013
 We started September with a bought of head lice.  This was our first time ever getting them.  It was ridiculous and I cried many times as I was having to go through their long blonde hair to dig the little suckers out.  I ended up chopping Kinsley's hair off.  It was her first haircut.  
 8 Weeks pregnant and my baby looks like an alien tadpole...LOL.
Katie's first spirit day at school.

October 2013
 We've waited 3 years for The Bears to play the Indians near our house.  We may be Bears by day, but we're Bulldogs by night and Indians by blood.  My kids were so confused on who to cheer for.
 Katie with her sign.  The Bears won and daddy's heart was broken.
 Carving pumpkins and stickerin' them up.
 Storybook Character Parade at school.  Katie is Little Red Riding Hood and I'm Skeleton Hiccups.
 Halloween at school was ridiculous.  We had a bad storm blow in and were under a tornado warning.  We spent 45 minutes under our desks.  Not fun!
 Getting ready for Trunk or Treat at church.
At church playing games.  I swear Katie never smiles in public.

November 2013
 My girls got to take professional photos with their cousin, Britton.  Thanks Grammy.  
 50th day at school.  I was Lucy and Katie was a car hop.
 We got to find out what our bundle of joy was going to be.  This is the survey my co-workers did at school.
 It's a boy!
 Eben and I sharing the reveal at our reveal party.  I will never forget the screams and hollers.
 We got Luke's bear in the mail.
 Our family of 5 stockings.
 Time to put up the tree!
The day after Thanksgiving, my family got to see Dustin's headstone for the first time.  I was so honored to have a part in creating it.  My hubby did a fantastic job.
The back of his headstone is beautiful!

December 2013
 Brode Christmas party.  The girls (and Luke) talking to TaTa via Skype.
 Brode Family photo.
 Katie's first school performance.  She was an elf and the first day of Christmas.
 Grammy and Sarge drove a long way to watch our big girl perform in her Christmas play.

 Cousins' Night 2013.
 Thank you for the trampoline, Grammy and Sarge.
 Michael Jackson pulling a prank.
 Pajama Day during Polar Express.
 Celebrating Maw Maw's 50th birthday.
 Katie and her BFF at her Christmas party at school.
 Our failed attempt at making a Gingerbread house.
 Hard at work.
 Messy, messy, messy!
 Luke says hi!
 Waiting for a surprise from momma.
 Hot cocoa, cookies, and new blankets to go look at Christmas lights.
 Making cookies for our Christmas lights trip.
 Ready to go!  Kinsley lasted 10 minutes.
 Our advent calendar is now complete.  It's Christmas Eve!
 Cousins at MiMaw's house.
 Our family.
 Santa stopped by with lots of new toys!
 Christmas morning at Maw Maw's house.

Luke's gifts from MiMi and Paw Paw Terry.

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