Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our First Family Vacation - June 2012 (Post 1)

We had our very first family vacation last week.  One that did not require us to evacuate because of a hurricane.  It was AMAZING.  I honestly did not want to come back. 

This will be a 4 part post. There's just so much to say and so many pictures to post.  I'll start with the beginning of the week. 

We arrived at our beach cabin a little later than we had planned because Eben had to go into work Monday morning.  I had to get EVERYTHING ready for our trip, and I wanted my house to be clean when we returned so I was a busy little beaver that day.  Once we arrived, I wanted to unpack and get everything done as soon as we got there because I'm not one to live out of bags.  After I got everything unpacked, it was time for some RELAXATION.

We hung out on the deck a lot.  The Gulf breeze was perfect because the temperature reached 106 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  It was HOT.  We didn't mind though.

Monday, June 25, 2012

This was our view everyday.  We were quite a few rows away from the beach, but we could still see the waves hitting the shore.  It was PERFECTION.
Kinsley with her "hurry up and take the picture" smile so that I would open her yogurt. 

Katie and Daddy relaxing.

Daddy and Katie.  Precious.

With July 4th being right around the corner, fireworks were already being popped.  We happened to be backed up to a firework stand so we got front row seats to their display.  The girls were both scared of the loud noise.

I think that Kinsley would have liked it if Katie did.  She reacts however Katie reacts, and Katie has never liked fireworks.  They didn't last long...maybe 10 minutes.

She was unimpressed.

Our first night at the cabin I went to bed around 9:30ish.  I was EXHAUSTED.  I had the box fan on high, and I wrinkled down in one of the most comfortable beds that I'd ever slept in.  It was perfect.  5 minutes after I laid down, here they came.  Both girls jumped in bed with me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

 The girls put on their bathing suits as soon as they got finished eating breakfast. 
They were both ready to hit the beach.
Daddy and Kinsley...so sweet.
Daddy wanted to make a naked girl in the sand.  His version of entertaining the girls.

I didn't take a lot of pictures our first day at the beach because my camera was broke.  I had to get some tape to keep the battery door closed.
Katie got a hold of my phone and took some self-portraits.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday we were to have visitors, so the girls had to play with their toys in their room while we waited for them to show up.

Brant and Cam arrived and the girls were so excited to have a playmate.  They didn't stay long though.  Cam wasn't feeling well, and she really didn't want to be there.

This is where the girls spent most of their time when we were in the cabin...in the pantry.  It was HUGE and they are always hungry.  If I couldn't find them, they were most likely in the pantry hiding.

 The ice cream truck was a hit during our stay at the beach.  I swear they got an ice cream everytime it came around.  Messy, messy, messy.

This is as far as Eben ever made it into the water.

 My sweet girl enjoying her time in the sun.
 They ran and ran so much at the beach.  They really enjoyed chasing the seagulls.
 Look Mom! My hands are sooooooo dirty.
 She really enjoyed playing in the sand.
 Katie was dancing as she was running.  It was hilarious.
 Collecting seashells.
 She really got good at hula hooping.

Please see next post for the rest of the week.

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